With Persephone Holloway & Anton Labrèche

A Podcast for Disclosure.

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Who we are.

KLU Media is dedicated to the pursuit of truth and transparency on the current topic of UAPs and what their implications may entail for the world at large. We bring up several topics of contention as well as interview various professionals in the subject with varying backgrounds and experiences. Tune in as we talk about ontological shock, what a post disclosure world might look like, national security, mental health, the legislation around UAP, and what whiskey goes well with each topic!

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Recent Episodes

A discussion revolved around the man who brough the UAP topic into public light.

Onto..what now? A discussion on the tiered impact of what UAP represents and its effects on the modern world.

Business analyst, futurologist, technologist, and UAP lobbyist. Thats alot of ists! Nick Gold is the founder of DeclassifyUAP and a man of many talents and a rising voice in the UAP scene!

Meet Your Hosts

Persephone Holloway is a disclosure advocate and a believer in the Phenomenon. A musician, writer, sometimes actress, reiki master and lover of “woo”, Persephone believes the truth should be known and out there. Oh yeah she wrote the podcast theme, too. Don’t you wanna know where your taxpayer dollars are going? CALL YOUR REPS! Tell them about the UAPDA and ask them if they’re supporting it’s inclusion in the NDAA bill. We need each other to get through this. 



Anton Labrèche is a strong advocate for UAP disclosure and eager to engage in meaningful discussions with others. He believes that the topic holds a wealth of information yet to be explored, and he’s excited to delve into its complexities. Anton’s commitment to fostering open conversations on the subject reflects his passion for uncovering the truth behind unidentified aerial phenomena. Allegedly, he’s a pretty great chef, too.


Anton Labrèche